Business events

Suitable for small and middle-sized events, Traube Hotel will surprise you by the way it is renovated, with a high degree of respect for the architecture of ages, which have left their marks on the building: from the basement where the wine cellar is situated and up to the top of the roof or in the garden. Modern facilities are added so discretely, that they seem so natural.

The conference room takes you to the atmosphere of the modern ages, by means of its furniture, endowments and interior design and it is the perfect place to carry out conferences, round tables, seminars, trainings and other activities, for which the number of participants does not exceed 40 people

During the coffee breaks, you can invite participants to the bar or on the terrace, especially by fine weather.

For breakfast and lunch, the restaurant and the terrace are excellent choices, as for dinner, we suggest you might try the wine cellar.

For the festive events of your company, we also wait for you in the restaurant, in the cellar or on the terrace. From galas pt corporate parties, these places can be adapted according to the needs and wishes, so that each event should be special and the best.

Guests arriving from the country or from abroad, can be accommodated in the Traube Hotel in 3 star hotel conditions, of international standards.

One can choose to book entirely Traube Hotel for business events.

We know what organising an event means, so you can leave all the details to us. You just need to tell us

1. What kind of reunion you want to organise: business or personal.

2. How many people you wish to invite?

3. What kind of dishes would you like to serve?

4. What kond of music would you like?

5. When you would like the event to take place?

6. What is the budget allocated?  If you haven´t decided upon a budget yet, we can help you with several suggestions.

You can answer these questions here, and we shall send you all the information and suggestions you need.

Should you be in a hurry, we can call us directly at the number: 0269.844.898

We have experience in organizing events, we are flexible and we shall meet you halfway with pieces of advice and suggestions. Tell us what you want and we shall make your dream come true

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