Symphony of culinary delicacies. A universe hidden from the glances of the crowds, in the heart of Medias

If you want to relax or throw a party, contact our team. We like what we do and we do it better than anyone else.

After walking, sightseeing or business, you can enjoy delicious meals, which our cooks specially prepare so that your experience should be complete.

If it is too hot or too cold, we invite you in the restaurant, cellar or at the bar. In any of theses places, you can choose from a large variety of dishes and atmosphere!

Traube Hotel acts as a shield.  Once you step in, you make a real imaginative incursion back in the history. From here to the summer garden, there is only one step. Protected from the rush of the street and the town, the summer garden invites you to dreaming. Every plant, flower and tree tell you stories, poems or songs long forgotten. Don´t ask us how nature guesses your mood. It simply does. Juts like we know how to make you feel good here.

If you want to organize an important event in your personal lifde, we are waiting for you to come over. We know that you want everything to be carried out with excellency and we pride in being able to raise to the expectations of our clients each time!

Leave all the details to us. You just need to tell us:

1. What kind of reunion you want to organise: business or personal

2. How many people you want to invite?

3. What dishes you would like to serve?

4. What kind of music you would like?

5. When you would like the event to take place?

6. In which place of the Traube Hotel would you like the event to be carried out?

7. Which is the budget allocated? If you haven´t planned a budget yet, we can help you with several suggestions

You can answer these questions here, and we shall send you all the information and suggestions that you need.

Should you be in a hurry, you can call us at the number: 0269.844.898

A grain of spare time can be used at maximum

  • Binder Bubi Hotel Medias, the only 4 star hotel in the area, whose wellness centre a real delight is, with its beautiful pool with glass ceiling, which makes you feel you are in the middle of nature;
  • Trei Stejari Farm  with its little village museum, with households from various areas in the country, the Wine cellar on the hill, its domestic animals and gardens, can invite you to adeventure and relaxation at the same time.
  • L&G Motel places its sport centre at your disposal, if you are practicing tennis, football or you work out in the gym. Here you can also participate actively or as a spectator to the national and international sport comptetitions.
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